Discover Teton Valley

Discover Teton Valley

This website serves visitors, residents, and business owners in Teton Valley, Idaho.

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It’s Tin Cup Season, which means that local nonprofit organizations in Teton Valley are raising funds to continue to provide invaluable services to community members and visitors alike. The Teton Geo Center is no different. The Geo Center is a centrally-located hub offering information and education on all aspects of Teton Valley – past, present, and future. We are committed to promote educated and respectful interactions within our community and in the backcountry by encouraging folks to shop locally and leave no trace both in the Valley and in the wilderness. We encourage people to seek memorable and appropriate experiences that will enrich their lives and limit the impact on our Valley’s natural resources and beloved places.

 The Geo Center is also a prominent hub for place-based learning in Teton Valley. For the multitude of local students, groups, and others who come to the museum, the informative displays orient people to the Valley, it’s human history, and the important role its non-human inhabitants play in this ecosystem. This spring alone, we hosted programs for more than 100 first and fifth-grade students. Additionally, the Geo’s Idea Gallery proudly displays the work of local artisans and organizations that make Teton Valley such a vibrant place.

We encourage you to appreciate and support the Teton Geo Center’s growing value as an educational resource for locals and visitors alike. Together, we can keep Teton Valley’s wildlife, people, and businesses valued and thriving.