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New Market Manager at Teton Valley's Farmer's Market

Published July 25, 2022

Teton Valley News Article "This Week at Teton Valley Farmer’s Market: New Market Manager Teresa Wright" published June 13, 2022 by Emily Sellick

“I guess I still have time on this earth” was Teresa’s response when I asked her about her injury.

“Our family heated with wood,” she explained. “One day, we were cutting wood together as a family as we always did when a dead tree near where we were cutting fell. I was driving the tractor nearby, and while I was jumping off, the tree hit me on my back. As a result, I suffered a spinal cord injury at T8-T9, and am paralyzed from the waist down. That was about four years ago.

“At the time, I was hospitalized and had surgery to insert titanium rods to stabilize my spine. After two months in the hospital, my mom and I went to Florida for ten months where I received rehabilitation and strength-training. While we were there, my grandmother recommended a book, “You Are The Placebo”, written by Dr. Joe Dispenza who had also broken his back but declined having rods put in. His body healed from his visualizing walking and other normal activities. He claims visualization of an activity lays a blueprint for your nervous system to follow.

“After Dr. Dispenza’s own healing, he toured the country giving seminars. Jill Runnion, owner and operator of Synapse Neuro Training in Driggs, attended some of his seminars and is mentioned in his book. Jill is a Registered Physical Therapist as well as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist. She combines these skills with Neuro Training, hence her expertise is retraining the nervous system. Now she has clients coming to her from all around the country. I searched her website, , and decided to contact her.

“In August 2019, I came to Driggs for two weeks to work with Jill. She was very helpful. My goal was — and still is — to understand what I’m doing and why.

“I went back home to the farm, planning to return to Driggs the following year to work some more with Jill. But Covid got in the way.

“In March of 2021, I was finally able to get back to Driggs and further my work with Jill. I had planned to spend three months this time, being fortunate to have the financial and emotional support of family and friends. By the end of May 2021, I began taking actual steps! Unfortunately, housing was an issue, and I had to move a couple of times during the summer. Lena, a friend of mine from church, felt her brother Jesse and I ought to meet. So, she brought him along to help me with one of my moves. Jesse and I discovered we both enjoy gardening – and playing music — together! I play the mandolin and guitar, and Jesse plays the piano. He proposed to me last fall. As housing was still an issue, I returned to my family’s farm for the winter to plan our wedding that was held in March of this year. After the wedding, Jesse and I came back to Driggs.”

“Thank you for sharing your remarkable story,” I told her. “How did you hear about our Market Manager position?”

“Again, Jesse’s sister Lena was the instigator. I’d told her about my growing up on my family’s organic produce farm in upstate New York. As she’d brought Jesse and me together, she ‘brought’ me to the Market by sending me the information about the available Market Manager position.”

“Please tell me more about your family’s farm, Teresa,” I urged.

“I grew up in a little town called Fonda in Montgomery County just west of Albany, New York. The farm had been a dairy, but my family sold the cows and turned it into an organic produce farm along the agrotourism line where we also offered hayrides, a corn maze, public pumpkin picking in the fall, and pick-your-own berries — blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries – in season.”

“Anything you particularly enjoyed?” I asked.

“All of it!” Teresa responded with alacrity. “I loved having customers on the farm and talking with them. I loved watching the crops grow, and learning from my parents how to feed a family. I also participated in 4H and raised registered Nubian and Toggenburg dairy goats. After 4H, I got into judging dairy goat shows. I also raised AKC-registered Basset hounds with quality bloodlines for close to twenty years.

“I worked on the farm for two years after finishing high school. Then I attended Word of Life Bible College. After college, I continued studying biblical counseling. During this time, I also worked part-time as a legal assistant in a local attorney’s office while attending paralegal school — and still managed to work on my family’s farm!

“About five years ago, I left New York for a year to do an internship at a women’s residential facility, Vision for Hope, in Indiana where we worked with women who were dealing with a number of different issues like eating disorders and self-harm. Following that, I returned to the farm. It was during that time my accident occurred.”

“You’ve had a busy and varied life for a young woman, Teresa,” I told her. “We’re happy to have you as our Market Manager.”

Her quick smile was closely followed by her comment, “I’m especially interested in providing the public with healthy food, and the farmers and vendors with a way to market their valued products.”

We’re glad to have you, Teresa. Welcome!

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