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GEO Board of Directors

GEO Board of Directors

Emily Selleck, Chair

Emily did the first part of her growing up in Connecticut where she earned a certification as a Physician Assistant. She and her late husband Than had an Occupational Medicine practice in Danbury for several years before moving to the Adirondack High Peaks in 1997. Soon after, she took a Master Gardener Volunteer Training program, volunteered in the Essex County Cornell Cooperative Extension office, and eventually assumed the role of Extension Educator in Horticulture.

In 2014, Emily made her first solo trip to Wilson Wyoming to be with her son, Jeff. A year later, she rented a U-Haul and relocated to Victor, Idaho where she currently resides in a lovely cabin at the foot of the Big Hole Mountains in Teton Valley.

By the fall of 2015, her new friends had extolled the fun and virtues of volunteering for non-profits in the Valley. She began with Teton Valley Community Recycling before becoming involved with the Teton Valley Farmer’s Market, the Teton Food and Farm Coalition, and the Driggs Tree Committee. She added the Teton Geo Center in 2017 and became chair of its Board in 2018.

Ralph Mossman | Owner, Heron Glass

A Driggs resident since 1987, Ralph has been involved in numerous community events and organizations. Working with his wife, Mary Mullaney, they are glassblowers and artists in their business, Heron Glass. Ralph’s wide range of interests makes him well suited to be on the Geo board.

Erica Hansen | Land Protection Specialist and Staff Biologist, Jackson Hole Land Trust

Jacob Yufa | Executive Director, Teton Rock Gym

Linda Edson | Retired Educator

Linda is excited to join the Geo Center and to expand the educational resources made available to the public! She is especially interested in using the Geo as a jumping-off place for the hands-on and place-based learning that applies to how we live in Teton Valley. She is now a retired elementary school teacher and K-5 elementary school administrator after many happy years of teaching and helping students at both traditional and Montessori schools outside of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania. She always spent as much time as possible outside in fields, woods, and streams. Linda was also an interpreter at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and a teacher on the Rivers of Steel scientific boat expeditions on the 3 rivers in Pittsburgh. She is looking forward to continuing to learn and share experiences with children and adults alike who choose to use the Geo Center as a valuable resource.