Teton Regional Land Trust

Twenty-five years ago, the inspiration for the Teton Valley Land Trust came from a small group of community members who recognized their cherished landscapes were at risk – and if these landscapes were lost, the unique agricultural character, the vibrant wildlife populations and the incredible scenic beauty enjoyed by residents and visitors alike would be a distant memory. Early efforts concentrated on protecting critical habitat and productive farms and ranches in Teton Valley. The first project, completed in 1995, involved protecting a property near the confluence of Teton Creek with the Teton River.

Since those first days, the Land Trust quickly expanded protection efforts to include six Eastern Idaho counties (Bonneville, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, and Teton) and portions of Teton County, Wyoming, and also merged with Fremont Heritage Trust. This expansion resulted in both an opportunity for a landscape scale conservation impact, as well as a name change. Since then, the Teton Regional Land Trust has grown into a mature, professional, accredited organization that has worked with hundreds of landowners, their families and conservation partners to protect more than 33,000 acres.

By working with willing landowners, the Land Trust has become a valued and trusted community institution. We have demonstrated strong leadership, as well as a voluntary and financially efficient approach to land protection.

Phone: 208-354-8939
Email: info@tetonlandtrust.org
Website: http://tetonlandtrust.org
PO Box 247 Driggs, ID 83422