Teton Mountain Trail

Table Mountain is a must do hike not to be missed in the Tetons. The top of Table Mountain offers the best vantage point in the Tetons for close-up views of the massive west face of the Grand, upper reaches of Cascade Canyon, and the U-shaped glacial valleys and canyons on the west side of the Tetons. This hike is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding in the entire region and it bears the signature of the essence of the Grand Tetons. Teton Canyon MooseThis 11-mile roundtrip hike seems much longer than it really is because of the 4,000-foot elevation gain. The route follows the North Fork Teton Creek for several miles to about the 9,000-foot elevation where it leaves the North Teton creek and heads west up some switchbacks. After climbing about another 1,000 feet the trail reaches a ridge top where it flattens out some before the last section of uphill to the top. The trail up Table Mountain has a tendency to disappear from time to time so bring a map and compass. The last uphill pitch is deceptively steep and some hikers give up here just below the summit. Here at 11,000 ft some who are not used to this kind of altitude sometimes have problems especially after a 4,000-foot elevation gain. The last 100 feet or so is up through some rock for some easy scrambling.

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