Energy Heals

SoLaMeé (Patricia Heneage) has a wide range of expertise in the healing arts with advanced intuition and energetic healing skill sets. She is also an advanced meditation instructor familiar with many aspects of spiritual awakening encompassing thirty years of training and experience. SoLaMeé is a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner with multiple certifications in the field of quantum consciousness technologies including Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy. When addressing a pattern or health condition from the quantum state or energetic level, she can access possibilities for change, healing and improvement. Each session allows the body hologram to move into a higher vibration in consciousness. Within the healing art of transformation, consciousness brings awareness, not treatment, to the body systems; it is all about improving communication and vitality within any pattern of energy.

SoLaMeé is also the author of THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It’s a Journey of Awakening, Copyright 2015 -2019. The Expanded Fourth Edition is now available on for $19.00.

Call for information on her private sessions in office or over the phone, her powerful and unique book, and classes when available. Most credit cards accepted. Hourly rate is $90. Reduced rates available upon request.


Phone: 208-705-8241
60 Ashley Ave. Suite A Driggs, ID 83422