City of Victor

Heading over Teton Pass as you leave the hustle and bustle of Jackson, Wyoming attractions, the City of Victor is a traveler’s introduction to the quiet serenity and beautifully scenic and historic Teton Valley, Idaho area. Nestled in the forest and mountain ranges and boasting a population of over 1,800 residents and growing, people are finding that once they visit this charming community, they keep finding reasons to come back and eventually put down roots for themselves and their families. Established as a township in the late 1800’s, Victor is named for George Victor Sherwood, a postman who devotedly walked the route between Jackson Hole and the south end of Teton Valley to bring residents their mail. Victor’s history would not be complete without mentioning the ties to the Oregon Short Line Railroad and Union Pacific and its service that linked the city with the rest of the county and state. Rail kept Victor fortified with supplies and provided the opportunity for visits from loved ones; Victor’s stockyards shipped cattle to other areas. Though no longer served by rail, a future commercial development is planned that will incorporate small shops with a community park that will pay homage to the rail history that will be near the historic train depot that still stands today.

Phone: 208-787-2940

P.O. Box 122
Victor, ID 83455